Writing what I know now…..

“Write what you know.” That’s the advice that i got from one of the few people i know who are in the news and media industry who is still true to their values and also combines journalism with political activism. Seems like good advice to. Makes a lot of sense.

Write what i know..write what i know. Okay. Now, I’m not sure that I can claim to know a tremendous amount about the media industry (using any stretch of the imagination) but since graduating i have been thrown in the deep end and forced myself to learn a hell of lot about it. I have been on placements with newspapers, magazines, written freelance and I even volunteer for a co-operative which tackles issues through research and activism.

But first, let me start at the beginning. After I graduated in 2007 i decided not to go onto further education, so I guess 2008 turned into my year out of to decide. Its been pretty tough so far, lack of direction is probably something that alot of graduates have to deal with as universities don’t really seem to prepare students for the harsh, competitive realities of the employment market.
So, I graduated in the summer and joined the big bad world thinking ‘damn! I should have had a plan!’

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