Desi Unity in Salford

Ramadan is now here and as well as a month-long fast from sunrise to sunset, many Muslims will also be looking forward to the Eid celebrations which mark the end this fasting. Whilst this is usually seen as a good reason- and I have to agree!- to gorge oneself with the spicy offerings of the Curry Mile, one women is using it as part of her campaign to bring wider multicultural understanding to the city of Salford.

Jenny Thomas, the leader of the ‘DesiSisters’ campaign is keen to unite ‘Desi’ sisters of Muslim, Sikh and Hindu origin and introduce the wider public to this ‘Desi’ culture. [Desi Culture promotes understanding and embraces people of every colour, creed and all walks of life. It focuses on positivity, the importance of a smile, and the possibilities that can be realised with dedication, empowerment, and strength.]

So, to mark the end of the Ramadan fast DesiSisters will be hosting a combined Eid/Diwali party on the 25th of October in Eccles Masonic Hall. Open to people of all faiths and beliefs it hopes to further this ‘Desi’ culture of fun and positivity within the community.

DesiSisters encourage women outside South Asian traditions to dress up in saris, experience Henna art, and enter the glamorous world of Bollywood and Bhangra. Creating positive spaces and experiences of Desi or Asian cultures seems to goes a long way in encouraging a “little creative community cohesion, and meaningful positive mutual integration”.

Allowing women to experience new and strange cultures whilst having fun dressing up and dancing, alters the image and perceptions of South Asian culture. It also challenges negative stereotypes which dominate the general public about the supposedly austere and restrictive nature of Asian Culture.

It’s about ‘Putting the Asian into CaucAsian’ claims the self-styled ‘DesiSister’ leader; a real ‘Desification of the Nation’.

For more information see the myspace and website:

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