Speaking on Al Jazeera!

Over the last couple of  months,  I have been receiving emails and calls from various organisations and news sites asking me for comments on issues such as Green Islam and environmental issues in the Middle East region. I guess they are topics I write a lot about via my work at Green Prophet but it’s great to be considered an ‘expert’ on the topics.

Around around Ramadan, I was contacted  about going green for the month (here’s the link at The Huffington Post) and also asked to comment as a Muslim veggie on Eid Al-Adha, Muslim festival with lots of meat (links at The Jerusalem Post and Media Line).  For anyone who speaks German, I was also interviewed for a magazine called Denkanstosse which you can see here.

Even so, I was terrified when I got an email from Al Jazeera asking me to comment on a news story about green-washing in UAE. On TV. I had written about the water park in UAE, named ‘Ice Land’ at Green Prophet criticising the hypocrisy of basing it around the global warming theme despite the huge amount of water it uses through desalination and its location in a water-scarce region.  Anyway, I did it and it was broadcast this week!

Here it is:

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