Book Review: The No-Nonsense Guide To Climate Change

Maybe it’s just me but I think that one of the most difficult things about being a climate activist isn’t remembering to put out the recyclables for collection on a Wednesday but rather getting to grips with climate science. Maths and science were never my strong points at school and the most basic of climate science seems to be explained by boffins who way over-estimate my knowledge/abilities to be actually useful. So when I heard there was a ‘No-Nonsense Guide’ to climate change which included climate science I was pretty eager to get my hands on a copy. Thankfully I was not disappointed as the handy pocket-sized guide was easy to read and follow, and didn’t skimp on depth and detail either.

The tiny 200-page book in broken down into three sections which consist of a couple of chapters: the science, the solutions and the way forward. This makes it easy to follow and although you could dip in and out and use the chapter you want, I highly recommend you follow the set out structure on your first read at least.

It’s well written with clear language, useful examples and lots of metaphors (it can’t be coincidence that the writer- Danny Chivers- is also a poet) which makes everything doubly clear and easy to understand. It feels like every unnecessary word was cut out and the language kept refreshingly jargon-free, personal and engaging.

See full post at Green Prophet.

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