Green Prophet- Updates on Climate Change in the Middle East

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts over the last couple of months. I keep saying I’ll put up some of my work but impending deadlines mean that updating my silly little website slips to the very bottom of my list of priorites. Still, I am busy working away and one important place I write about environmental issues in the Middle East is at, which is the leading news site on environmental issues in the Middle East.

So, if you’re interested in that sort of thing (and even if your not) it’s definitely worth checking out. You can see a full profile of my work at GreenProphet here.

Some highlights from the last two months:
Uncovering greenwash in Jordan which saw an oil shale company owned by Shell fund university degrees on environmental issues
– Q&A with Lebanon-based Greenpeace campaigner Raefah Makki
Interview with Fazlun Khalid who heads the world’s oldest green Islamic organisation, The Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences
– Launch of Green Prophet’s Guide for Barefoot Bloggers which includes a chapter from yours truly
– Speaking to Green Hajj expert Dr. Husna Ahmed about greening the Islamic pilgrimage, water conservation and the role Muslim women can (and should!) play
Covering repairers in Cairo whose re-use culture is helping the world avert e-waste from landfills

:: Image is of a water mural in Gaza.

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