Hush… Female Palestinian Artists Speak Up

Larissa Sansour's Nation Estate photography series depicts Palestine as skyscraper with cities built on various levels- a nation forced to build upwards due to political and geographical constraints

Hugely impressed with Palestinian filmmakers this week. Firstly, Larissa Sansour manages to get enough support to shut down the Lacoste film competition which kicked her off the shortlist for being, and I quote, “too pro-Palestinian”.

Second of all, I stumbled across a stunning short documentary by another talented artist from Bethlehem. Samar Habzoun’s documentary, which is titled ‘Hush’, looks at the issue of gender-based violence and life in a Palestinian women’s shelter. I am currently in the process of getting a full article commissioned so keep your eyes peeled….

One response to “Hush… Female Palestinian Artists Speak Up

  1. Ok so my IQ is very low, tell me please is this your Idea of a metaphor for occupation? would you explain this for me?

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