Manchester Climate Monthly: Green Investment Bank & Other Scoops

Been a very busy month at Manchester Climate Monthly headquarters and although I’ve been very proud of all our work (especially that of our amazing volunteers- you know who you are!), I’m pretty chuffed to have scooped the MEN on two stories.

The big national one was Manchester losing out (just!) on the Green Investment Bank and the other was the sad news that due to funding cuts, the Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre in Manchester will be closing down.

Here are the snippets:

Manchester Loses Green Investment Bank Bid

Edinburgh and London were chosen as the two cities to host the Green Investment Bank and Manchester came in a close third

After a couple of tense weeks (the decision was due end of February), it has been announced today that London and Edinburgh will be jointly hosting the Green Investment Bank. The bank’s headquarters will be based in Edinburgh and the main transaction team will be in London. The Green Investment Bank, which aims to encourage investment in low-carbon technologies such as renewables and recycling, is expected to employ 50-70 people.

We contacted John Ashcroft, chief executive of pro.manchester, who represented Manchester’s bid for the Green Investment Bank for a comment:

“We welcome the commitment of the government to the Green Investment Bank and the ambition to create a world leader in it’s field. Naturally we would have preferred the bank to be located in Manchester but our recent success with the bid for the £50 million Graphene centre offers some consolation.

Unlike some we do not see the decision as a political sop to Scotland to ward off devolution. No more in fact than the decision to repatriate the Stone of Scone.”

For full article click here.

BREAKING NEWS: Manchester’s Energy Advice Centre To Shut

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on rumours that funding cuts would see Manchester’s Energy Saving Trust (EST) advice centre close at the end of March. We can now confirm this.

Councillor Nigel Murphy, Manchester City Council’s executive member for the environment, has told us that : “Unfortunately, the government is now cutting  funding to the EST, meaning we are no longer able to operate this service. We’re now working closely with our colleagues from across the other Greater Manchester authorities to set up an alternative service as soon as possible.”

As I mentioned in the original article, the shift to a centralised service is particularly worrying. There won’t be the same level of local knowledge, and Jo and Jane Public will suffer. It also  bodes illl for those dealing with fuel poverty- especially when the government also plans to axe Warm Front in 2013.

Full article here.

For more go to, where you can catch up on what happened at the recent climate change stakeholder conference #MACF2012 – it was pretty unexpected!

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