SISTERS Magazine: Green Couples and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Here are the latest articles I’ve penned for SISTERS magazine for your reading pleasure. It was great fun to do some proper digging around Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) which is a topic I’ve read about over the years but never really investigated properly. I want to say a huge thanks to Kate Harvey, a Muslim mother of two from Maine, who spoke to me about her personal experiences with MCS and what Muslims can do to help. I also really enjoyed talking to Jake and Laila Thornes from Manchester over a cuppa about their eco lifestyle as they were such a sweet and humble couple mashalla.

3 responses to “SISTERS Magazine: Green Couples and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

  1. Very nicely written! Thanks!

  2. Dear Arwa,
    I am wondering if you would give permission for us to place your article on MCS on our website as a news item
    Our website is

    You have a great writing style, hence I am wonderingf if would be interested in writing a story on the devastating effects of ME/CFS. Effects 180,000 in Australia, cost to the economy is nearly $4 billion. We do not have one ME/CFS treatment centre dedicated to ME/CFS, 50 % of doctors do not believe that ME/CFS is real ( they think it is depresssion because the normal tests do not show any abnormalities, if the dr is prepared to do deeper investigations they uncoever a huge amount of real problems with pathophysiology. Of those who believe ME/CFS is real few can diagnose, even fewer know how to treat.
    Less than $1 per person with ME/CFS is spent on research in Aus per year …this is less than $100 k compare this to the money spent on researching all the other chronic ilnesses such as MS , cancer, diabetes. It is woeful that people with ME/CFS are treated this way in the 21st centrury. ( In Aus and all over the world , this situation is not unique to Australia.
    I’d be happy to give you further information if required or you can view considerable information on our website and facebook page.

    Thank you for your support in exposing the general community to MCS. MCS is a serious comorbidity for people with ME/CFS.

    Alison Copley
    Chief Executive Officer
    Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Australia (vic, tas,NT)

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