2Up 2Down: Liverpool Biennial, Housing and Regeneration

Brick by Brick and Loaf by Loaf, we build ourselves

A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to be able to contribute to a pretty amazing Liverpool Biennial project working on regeneration in Anfield called Homebaked: 2Up 2Down. It was lead by a unique artist called Jeanne Van Heeswijk whose work focuses on  re-imaging social spaces and encouraging greater participation and interaction in public spaces.  Although the project – which is working to convert a shutdown space into a community bakery and centre- was launched a couple of weeks ago, for many it was another stage of a much longer process. One which see the homes as well as faith and trust returned to the residents of Anfield.

I was tasked with the rather lovely job of speaking to all those taking part in the project- either as volunteers or providing expert advice. The volunteers were particularly amazing people and I really enjoyed chatting them to about everything from art, houses, gardening to what they felt ‘living well’ was all about. You can check out all the profile interviews on this page.

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