Aquila: The Pink Revolution – Overthrowing Sexual Violence

the pink revolution aquila sexual violence harassment imprint must boi holly kearl

‘Perhaps this is a Rosa Parks moment,’ says street harassment expert Holly Kearl, pondering the global outcry following the rape and subsequent death of the young student in India. ‘If it is, I am sorry it took a woman being tortured to death to cause it, but if wide-scale change is a result, then at least her death will create something positive. Perhaps it will prevent many other women from experiencing what she did.’

That’s a tiny snippet from the article I recently wrote for Aquila Magazine on sexual violence and harassment. As well as talking to activists in India who are reeling from this incident, I spoke to Nihal  Zaghloul, a campaigner who co-founded ‘The Imprint Movement’ to tackle sexual harrassment in Egypt after a horrific experience in Tahrir Squar. Holly Kearl who is author of Stop Street Harassment: Making Public Places Safe and Welcoming for Women, also offers her practical advice and tips to end harassment. To read this article and seriously loads more, download the latest Aquila magazine for a measly $4.  That’s like £2 – nothing basically so no pressure or anything, but you may want to click here and download it….

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