Manchester Climate Monthly

Manchester Climate Monthly is a monthly newsletter and blog which  will supply accurate, accessible information about what is – and isn’t – being done by the people, government and businesses of Greater Manchester to tackle climate change.

By tackling climate change we mean a) reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and b) preparing to be ready as we can be for the severe challenges ahead. McMonthly is non-partisan and is keen to share skills and connect people who share the same goal of an equitable and climate safe Greater Manchester.

Green Prophet

A World of Green Muslims

This blog is a one-stop shop for all that is happening in the Green Muslim world, that I started in August 2010.  There are alot of great things happening in the Muslim world with regards to environmental-awareness but it’s scattered all over the place. That’s where A World of Green Muslims comes in and hopefully it will turn into a diverse, and vibrant melting pot for everything green and Islamic.

If you feel that A World of Green Muslims has missed a great story, product or organisation just drop us an email at:  aworldofgreenmuslims[at] and we’ll do our best to rectify it!

3 responses to “Projects

  1. Hi Arwa!
    Did you hear/see this article when it came out?
    A Muslim and a Jew walk into an organic meat business..

  2. Hey Josh,
    No, I somehow missed this story although I knew about the halal organic farm so thanks for letting me know! It’s also nice to hear about something positive between Muslims and Jews.
    Take care

  3. Hello Arwa
    I am part of Envirolution and we will be showcasing inspiring eco projects this summer in Platt Felds Park. There is avery active muslim population around this area, especially at the nearby mosque. It would be great to have some eco-islam projects to show at our event. Do you have any suggestion?

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