Media and Recommendations

Can The Devout Stay On The Right Path For The Planet, Green Futures, September 2011

The Green Muslims, Aquila Magazine, AquilaAsia MA2011_report-2, March 2011

Radio Interview: Environment movement in Middle East, Day Six- CBC Radio, 11 December 2010 [short edit of just the interview]

TV interview: Controversial Desert Water Park, Al Jazeera, 1 December 2010

GRÜNER ISLAM? Ein Gespräch mit der Journalistin und Umweltaktivistin Arwa Aburawa (German), Denkanstosse Magazine, 23 November 2010

For Muslim vegetarians, Eid sacrifice is no celebration, The Jerusalem Post, 17 November 2010

Muslims Go Green For Ramadan, The Huffington Post, 30 October 2010

Muslim Women, as Seen By Marie Claire, Mother Jones, 20 September 2010


“Arwa’s writing style and quality is at par with the best trained print journalist, if not above. Her articles are personal, exciting, engaging, and access a unique readership as well as a very wide one. She meets deadlines perfectly, handles media interviews exquisitely, and is just an immense pleasure to work with.” ~ Karin Kloosterman, Founder and Senior Editor at Green Prophet

“Arwa has worked on several publications for Friends of Al-Aqsa including the quarterly newspaper Aqsa News, in-depth reports on the Masjid al-Aqsa and the Gaza Strip and an extensive travel guide of Palestine. Her work is consistently of a high standard and she always brings in her own personality and flare. Arwa is experienced and committed and shows dedication to the projects she works on.” ~ Rajnaara Akhtar, Publications Manager at Friends of Al Aqsa

“Arwa is an enthusiastic, talented young journalist with an eye for a good story and the perseverance guts to pursue potentially controversial issues – be it sexuality in the Arab world or local government shenanigans in the UK. One to watch.” ~ Sarah Irving, Freelance writer and editor

“Arwa is a force to be reckoned with … through her keyboard she regularly highlights what needs to be highlighted, especially in the area of environmental challenges! I had the pleasure of working with Arwa on some articles and it was a completely positive experience. I would highly recommend Arwa to anyone in need of some ‘green journalism’ in particular from Islamic perspective.” ~ Rianne ten Veen, Founder of Green Creation

“Arwa’s articles on environmentalism amongst Muslim communities are highly valuable and are totally worthy of re-tweeting! Eco-muslim action and advocacy is steadily growing, and Arwa’s journalistic flair, will without a doubt play a significant role in highlightling these efforts to various sectors and communities worldwide.” ~ Sofiah Jamil, Associate Research Fellow, RSIS Centre for Non-Traditional Security (NTS) Studies

Arwa works with IslamOnline as one of our best freelance writers. She always comes up with innovative and interesting topics. She shows excellent commitment and reliability.” ~ Rasha Dewedar, Editor at

“Arwa is a first-class features writer and all of the articles she has written for The Arab are well planned, thoroughly researched, contain an original angle and written in an informative, erudite and engaging fashion. I value Arwa as one of my most talented writers and her work has played a real part in making The Arab a success.” ~  Anna Costin, Editor of The Arab

2 responses to “Media and Recommendations

  1. Hello this is a message for Arwa Aburawa.
    This is Junaid from the BBC World Service. I would like to speak to you about this story we are doing on Muslims in UK. Can you please call me as soon as possible on 0207 557 2141 please?
    Junaid Ahmed, Newshour, BBC World Service

  2. Hi Arwa,

    James here, reviews editor from Green Prophet. I was based in Jerusalem for 5 years, now back in Bristol, arguably the greenest City in the UK, though some may argue with that! I’m completing a documentary about time spent in the Negev living & working amongst Bedouin tribes, and noticed your surname – any Bedouin ancestry?
    Anyway, really enjoy your posts on GP, and this site looks great too. Hope we meet up sometime….
    all best,

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