Me and My Writing

I am a freelance journalist based in Manchester, UK. I have the pleasure of writing about all the things that I love and care about.  This ranges from topics such as the environment, social issues, the Middle East, local community news as well as political art and culture.

I have published work in places such as The Big Issue North, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Adbuster, Ethical Consumer Magazine, SISTERS, Elan, The Arab, B*tch Magazine, Make/Shift, Electronic Intifada and Aquila Magazine amongst others. I am also the Eco-Islam Editor at which is the leading news site on environmental issues in the Middle East.

As well as a writer, I have written reports for NGO’s on issues that I specialise in and helped to edit and sub their publications. I have also been employed as a researcher to look into complex topics and help gather information.

You can find most of my work here but feel free to email me if you any questions or queries via arwas_email [at] 

You can follow me on Twitter @arwa_journalist

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